Balon Process Management Corp. provides support to hospital support departments, specializing in facilities management, supply-chain management and safety committee management. We do this by focusing on your overarching goals as well as the underlying processes, then customizing our approach to each unique situation.

We also specialize in data mining and manipulation as well as software application development, which allows us when necessary to quickly create solutions to unforseen problems.

President and Founder Brad Balon got his start in hospital facilities management at the Sheppard Air Force Base Hospital in 1994, where he was asked to take a hard look at the programs falling under the Environment of Care (EOC). The Joint Commission was changing their accreditation process to a quality-based approach and Sheppard would be the first Air Force Hospital surveyed under the new standards.

Brad reworked nearly every aspect of his Environment of Care Program, including the development of an Information Collection and Evaluation System for the Safety Committee that he chaired. The January 1995 Joint Commission Survey was an overwhelming success, so Brad was asked to develop a course based on his EOC Program. Between 1996 and 1997 Brad developed and taught the Joint Service Medical Facilities Management Course at Sheppard Air Force Base Texas for Army, Navy and Air Force Facilities Personnel.

Since leaving the Air Force in 1997 Brad has been on the front lines of hospital facilities and safety management, supporting hundreds of hospitals in various roles and participating in the activities of dozens of safety committees.

In 2002 BPMC began providing supply chain support, leveraging it's data-mining and software application development expertise. This led to a recent project where BPMC was asked to transition a Boston-area Hospital simultaneously from Meditech to PeopleSoft and to a just-in-time supply-chain. BPMC not only managed the project but provided interim management personnel. BPMC also developed several software solutions including a hybrid "bridging system" that allowed for management of both systems until PeopleSoft was fully on-line.

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